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Edward Nash Collins

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Edward Nash Collins

BIRTH 26th February 1857 • St Mary's, Southampton, Hampshire, England
DEATH 5th September 1932 • Southampton, Hampshire, England

He is my Great Grandfather, according to my Ancestry Tree. He is also a common ancestor with one DNA matches.




 Ancestry Synopsis

When Edward Nash Collins was born on 26 February 1857 in Southampton, Hampshire, his father, Thomas, was 39 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 36. He married Jemima Joanna Brookman and they had four children together. He then married Alice Florence Furzey and they had three children together. He died on 5 September 1932 in his hometown at the age of 75.

 I am fortunate with respect to Edward Nash Collins to have some certificates handed down from my Nan and on to me. The Baptism and Marriage Certificates clearly show the passage of time, folded and unfolded multiple times. Creased with frayed edges. I could have chosen to iron them to improve the condition, and then digitally enhance them. With regard to the Marriage Certificate, when I originally scanned it I had to do it in two parts, the document is not torn apart. I could have rescanned it as one, or digitally joined them. However, I chose not to do either.

The paper is actually a soft blue absorbent paper, not dissimilar in feel to blotting paper, but not that absorbent as the ink writing would be a mess. The stamps are real postage stamps affixed to the document.

I shared these documents on Ancestry in 2012 and am pleased that about 10 people have found them useful enough to copy into their Family Tree on Ancestry.

The first of these documents can be found in the Birth and Baptism section below.

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