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The Tilley family migration


The Tilley's of the New Forest

Lets start our story with John Tilley born in the 1600's in the New Forest.

This is the earliest Tilley I have found in this branch of my Family Tree.

From here we can explore how his descendants have moved from a small village in Hampshire, England, around the world.

Article restructured in Feb 2022 to aid readability. Part of this was done with articles within articles. Unfortunately this means that the article footers of map and globe are repeated. Sorry about that.

Click to see a heat map of the Sopley One Place Study, which was commenced to aid this story, and resolve some of the Tilley's mysteries.

One Place Study of Sopley Heat Map of the World Feb 2022

Zooming in to the hottest part of the heat map, Great Britian.

One Place Study of Sopley Heat Map of Great Britain Feb 2022

Click to see the latest version of this heat map of the Sopley One Place Study, how it has progressed from February 2022 when the above screenshots were taken.


Pick a centaury and read about the Tilley's and the history around them. When there are tabs, it works as all the way to the bottom, including additional tabs, before going right to the next tab. Down, then across. 









ESRI Migration Map

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