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John Watts (B)


John Watts (continued)

Who was John Watts and who were his family?

There are various John Watts in the Hampshire area born in the second half of the 1700s and the first half of 1800s.

This is an attempt to sort out the various families associated with John Watts so as to establish the father and grandfather of Louisa Watts.

As the research progresses various potential family groups appear.

The result, a rearrangement of the article to aid clarity.

The article has also become too big, so I have split it into two parts. The first half is still here but only as a shell, with links back the Part A.

I have also added a ESRI Story Map to help visualize locations.


Towards the end of the Above Bar Church register there is a letter from a John Watts about the family of William and Mary Watts, image below. (Repeat from earlier text, but perhaps easier to read again together.

There is a possibility that William and Mary may me the parents of the John Watts who married Sarah Bunn. To explore that further, the next part looks at the family of William and Mary Watts nee Larmitte.

Baptised family of William and Mary Watts letter B

The year of the various children birth appears to match the letter including that of John Watts. Moving forward to try to establish if there are other comparable families in Hampshire, which could give rise to confusion and ambiguity.

Using various sources of data, I will search the names of each child in turn, which with the common names of the time will be quite an extensive list. Using location and parents' names I will seek to establish family groups. If none of those groups resemble the family of William and Mary Watts, it would seem to increase the probability of the John Watts and Sarah his Wife nee Bunn family group being the next generation. Add to the location and parents' names the religion and type of church could improve the probability of a link. This exercise begins at the 'The New content begins below.' heading.


John Watts, father of Lady Eleanor Wigram.


John Watts, father of Lady Eleanor Wigram.

This element is in Part A


And now for something completely different, Biddlecombe or Biddlecomb

Another surname of interest to me, held here until I create a new home for them.

Baptised Henry George Biddlecomb 22 Apr 1821

Henry George Son of Thomas Biddlecomb, and Elizabeth his Wife of the Parish of Eling in the County of Southampton born Jany 7th 1821 Baptized April 22nd 1821  by me Robt Davis Pastor Dissenting Minister.

Baptised Emily Biddlecomb 2 Oct 1831



 Emily daughter of Thomas and Eliz Biddlecomb of the Parish of Eling of the County of Southampton was born the 4th of September 1831 and Baptised the 2nd Oct in the same year by me G Stevens Past Dissenting Minister.
























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