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Leventhal Bros, Sydney

Leventhal Bros

Estate Agents of 114 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales

This is the story so far of Morris and Harold Leventhal. Russian Jews who migrated from Russia to America, and then to Australia. It is partly their story but also the story of my exploration of the records to get to here.

Austrailian Naturalisation

Morris arrived first from America. His application for Austrailian Naturalisation under the 1903 Act state that his full name is Morris Leventhal and that his he is an Estate Agent of Post Office Chambers, 114 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales. It also states that he was by birth a Russian Citizen. He arrived in Australia from New York, USA, on board the SS Oroya on the 13th March 1902, into Sydney.

Morris had been living in the USA for eleven years prior to his arrival in Sydney. Hence he arrived in the US in about 1891.

Following his arrival in Austrailia he lived in Darlinghurst Road, Sydney for nine years and then four years in Newcastle Street, Rose Bay, near Sydney.

He is married with one male child aged 2 1/2 born at Rose Bay. Hence he was born about 1912.

The application also states that he was previously a naturalised citizen of the USA.

The application is dated 15th February 1915.

How much of this can be corroborated? Residence of nine plus four, 13, matches 1902 to 1915.

The SS Oroya did exist at the right time. From the Ships List website.

OROYA 1886
6,057 gross tons, length 474ft x beam 49.3ft (144.47m x 15.03m), two funnels, four masts, single screw, speed 12 knots, accommodation for 126-1st, 154-2nd and 412-3rd class passengers. Launched by the Barrow Shipbuilding Co, Barrow on 31st Aug.1886 for the Pacific Steam Navigation Co, she started her maiden voyage on 17th Feb.1887 between London - Suez - Melbourne and Sydney for the Orient Line service. On 4th Mar.1895 she went aground in the Bay of Naples and was severely damaged, but repaired. In Feb.1906 she was transferred to Royal Mail Steam Packet Co ownership, but continued on the Australia service until commencing her last voyage on 16th Apr.1909. She was then scrapped at Genoa. [Merchant Fleets, vols.1 & 8 by Duncan Haws]

The SS Oroya did sail to Austrailia at about the right time.

The R.M.S. Oroya, for Australian ports, left London yesterday. (28th February 1902) [The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Sat 1 Mar 1902 Page 5 SHIPPING - MAIL STEAMERS.]

The P. and O. Co.'s R.M.S. Oroya, which left London on February 28, is bringing a relief crew for H.M.S. Pylades.[The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Thu 13 Mar 1902 Page 3 SHIPPING. In the second column of the article adjacent to Departures - March 12.]. Note that the newspaper appears to have made a mistake about the ships owner, as it is elsewhere recorded as being Orient Line.

THE R.M.S. OROYA. -- AN ENJOYABLE VOYAGE [The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thu 10 Apr 1902 Page 4 THE R.M.S. OROYA.]

The royal mail steamer Oroya, of the Orient-Pacific line, Is again on a visit to the Commonwealth, and the voyage just completed has in every sense proved satisfactory. An unusual share of fine weather was experienced. It was only, indeed, when she was within two days' steaming from Fremantle on the long passage from London that the Oroya met with strong winds and high seas. Full advantage was taken by passengers of the opportunities afforded to indulge in shipboard amusements, In which the time was agreeably beguiled. The popular pastime, "ping-pong," was introduced
for the first time on board. It was played on a special table placed on deck, and proved highly successful, the one drawback being that innumerable balls were lost over the vessel's side. The Oroya entered Hobson's Bay yesterday morning with 720 on board, all told. Among these are 308 officers and men for the ships of the Australian squadron. They are in charge of Lieutenant G. P. Bigg-Wither, R.N. The Oroya left London on the 28th February, and made the customary calls at Plymouth, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Naples, Port Said, Suez. Colombo, Fremantle, and Adelaide.
Captain Robert Fletcher is in command, and he has associated with him the following officers - Chief Mr. C. P. Green: second, Mr. N. F. Calcrow; third, Mr. W. J. Russell; fourth, Mr. H. Goodwin- purser. Mr. J. A. Lawrenson; assistant purser, Mr S. Walker; surgeon, Mr. E. S. Corsellis; chief engineer, Mr. W. Kilgour; chief steward, Mr. H.Plint..

Note, Hobson's Bay is in the area of Melbourne, possibly the last port of call before Morris disembarked in Sydney.









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