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Walter Sydney Jerram


Walter Sydney Jerram

Before Walter Sydney Jerram was born, his parents Walter Jerram and Elizabeth Maria Jerram nee Rogers, according to the 1891 Census, lived at 2 Clyde Cottages or 1 Sussex House, Balaclava Road, Bitterne, Hampshire, a road that is still there today. Looking at the pattern of addresses in this part of Balaclava Road, I assume that they were living in a semi-detached house. 1 & 2 Clyde Cottages, 1 & 2 Sussex House.

On the Census Enumerators route Inkerman Road and Redcot House and Lodge preceded Balaclava Road, which was followed by Bitterne Common. From the map below it appears that there maybe 21 homes in Balaclava Road before the Reservoir of South Hants Water Works. This may correspond to Schedule nos 231 to 247 on the 1891 Census, which indicates 16 homes. The map is part of the Ordinance Survey 25" Series, Hampshire and Isle of Wight LXV.8, Revised: 1895, Published: 1897.

OS Map 25 Balaclava Road

The entry for the 1901 Census

Extract of 1901 Census for Walter Jerram 
AddressNameRelationship to HeadAgeEstimated Date of BirthGenderOccupationEmployer / WorkerPlace of Birth
Lodge South Stoneham House Walter Jerram Head 40 1861 Male Gardener Worker Shirley, Hampshire, England
'' Elizabeth M Jerram Wife 38 1863 Female     Bitterne, Hampshire, England
'' Walter S Jerram Son 7 1894 Male     Bitterne, Hampshire, England
'' Leslie C Jerram Son 8/12 1900 Male     Bitterne, Hampshire, England


Census 1901 Walter Jerram

South Stoneham is often a large registration district when seen on records, but in this instance it is actually the South Stoneham House, Swathling, Bitterne, Hampshire. Walter Jerram and his family live at the Lodge, which is shown on the OS Map below.

OS Map 25 South Stoneham House



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