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The Basset Family - Normans to English



The Basset Family - Normans to English, or should it be Vikings to Normans to English

The Battle Abbey Roll



This appears to be the start of our story.

Before I begin I refer you to the Preface of "The Battle Abbey Roll" and the Introduction, an extract of which is below.


The famous Roll of Battle Abbey is believed to have been compiled in obedience to a clause in the Conqueror's foundation charter, that enjoined the monks to pray for the souls of those "who by their labour and valour had helped to win the kingdom." The great Sussex Abbey that was "the token and pledge of the Royal Crown," had been intended to be not only a memorial of his victory, but a chantry for the slain; and the names of his companions-in-arms, enshrined on this bede-roll, might thus be read out in the church on special occasions, and notably on the anniversary feast of St. Celict. It was most likely originally copied from the muster-roll of the Norman knights, that had been prepared by the Duke's orders before his embarkation, and was called over in his presence on the field of battle, the morning after it had been fought. The list, thus composed, was inscribed on a roll of parchment, and hung up in the Abbey Minster, with this superscription:

Extracts of various lists pertaining to Basset
List nameAs listed BassetEnglish equivalent
HOLINSHED'S ROLL Basset and Bigot  
LELAND'S ROLL Bardolf et Basset  
DIVE'S ROLL Guillaume Basset William Basset
DIVE'S ROLL Raoul Basset Ralph Basset


 In the same document, Basset;

"from its ancestor Bathet or Baset, Duke of the Normans of the Loire, 895, 905 (Bouquet, vii. 360; viii. 317). He acquired Ouilly Basset, and Normanville in 912, and had issue Norman, father of Osmond, Viscount of Vernon, whose elder son, Hugh Basset, was Baron of Chateau Basset, which barony passed by his widow to the house of Montmorency, circa 990. His brother, Fulco de Alneto, was the father of Osmond Basset, who accompanied the Conqueror."—The Norman People. The names given on the Dives Roll, are, however, "Raoul et Guillaume Basset:" and the former, afterwards the celebrated Justiciary, was the reputed son of Thurstin, a Norman who held five hides of land at Drayton in Staffordshire, 1086. (Domesday.) Ordericus says of him, that Henry I., at the very beginning of his reign, "De ignobili stirpe illustravit ac de pulvere (ut ita dicam), extulit; dataque multiplici facilitate super consules et illustres oppidanos exaltavit." "He had the high office of Justice of England under Henry I., with a power so great, that he sat in what court he pleased, and wherever else he thought fit, for the administration of justice. And to his wisdom, it is asserted, we owe the first design and institution of the law of frank-pledge, besides other excellent laws. From this it seems evident, that he shared largely in his sovereign's favour, and that he had great abilities, which, with so wise a prince, were the likeliest means to procure it.

Looking into the above paragraph;

It seems unclear who the first person is, other that Bathet or Baset or Basset. For this purpose I shall refer to him as Basset One.

The duchy arose out of a grant of land to the Viking leader Rollo by the French king Charles III in 911. In 924 and again in 933, Normandy was expanded by royal grant. Rollo's male-line descendants continued to rule it until 1135. In 1202 the French king Philip II declared Normandy a forfeited fief and by 1204 his army had conquered it.

However, avoiding delving into Rollo and William the Conqueror as that is dealt with in another article, Before 1066 and all that.

 Basset One.

Basset One acquired Ouilly Basset, and Normanville in 912, and had a son called Norman. 

Ouilly-le-Basset is a locality in Normandy. Ouilly-le-Basset is situated southwest of Plainville, and northwest of Le Bourg d'Ouilly. Ouilly le Basset is also listed as a place in this persons Family Tree.

The village of Normanville is a small French village located north of France. The town of Normanville is located in the department of Eure of the French region Haute-Normandie. The town of Normanville is located in the township of Évreux-Nord part of the district of Évreux.

1024px Location of Basset sites in the Department of Orne southern NormandyLocation of Basset sites in the Department of Orne, southern Normandy -- Ipsden, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On the current Google map there are two Normanvilles, a village to the North and a town East of Pont-d'Ouilly, near Ouilly-le-Basset according to the map above. I have also picked out Le Pommeraye, just to highlight how close it is to Pont-d'Ouilly. Pomeroy being a branch of my family dating back to the Norman Conquest.

 I currently don't know which of the two Normanville settlements Basset One acquired in 912, both are a fair distance away from Ouilly-le-Basset






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