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Taylor's Map of Hampshire 1759


Taylor's Map of Hampshire 1759 


The website for Old Hampshire Maps and Other Historic Resources is a most excellent source of information which I often refer to. 

I normally click on the top left icon, Old Hampshire Mapped, but believe that the one next to it on the right is more extensive and gets to the same maps and more.

This section could be called an indulgence to my lifelong fascination with maps and travel. Maps can tell you so much more than just how to get from A to B. Maps over time add to so much more. 

 In particular this is to do with Taylor's Map of Hampshire 1759, but as a whole, not just the subject settlement or parish which is the normal focus of my attention.

If you are looking at this via an article about Eling you may notice that the first two maps are part of Section 33 with the focus on Eling, repeated here as an example of the use of Taylor's Hampshire Map.



Taylor's Hampshire 1759

 Sections - An example in use.

Taylor's Hampshire 1759 - Section 33.


Taylor s Hampshire 1759 Section 33

Circled in green, Grove Place, in Nursling, is not part of this story, but does get a mention elsewhere on this site. Eling, the settlement, circled in blue, is the centre of attention. Eling the parish, takes up a large portion of the map, and the Hundred of Redbridge takes up even more. Extending to Romsey

Copped Thorn Common and Copped Thorn are circled in red, and turn up later in our story, under a slightly changed name.

 Taylor s Hampshire 1759 Section 33 Eling

 I will have to look up house 440 at Poltons. It is interesting that Great Testwood carries the same number. Poltons is now known as Paultons Park - Home of Peppa Pig World. How things change.

The estate can be traced back to 1086 where the ‘Paulet’ manor was in the possession of Glastonbury Abbey. The house became derelict and burned down in a great fire on 5 November 1963. Click the link to read about the Estate's History.



The whole of the map


 The map below is just an indulgence. The original Taylor's map of Hampshire was in six sheets. Form the source website I created 48 map tiles, and then used technology to stitch them together. This is the result. As a whole map you can see the skill and the decoration, as well as the cartography in the details.

It is a shame that Microsoft Deep Zoom is no longer available as that would have potentially provided almost endless zoom into the above map whilst still allowing the website to function.  On the original, I can zoom in to 300% and see every detail. Note bad for a stitched piece of work.

I will try to find an alternative way. Which I think I may have done, hopefully without slowing the page down too much. As well as this Genealogy website I have a Photography website hosted on SmugMug, which is a commercial site for professional photographers, but I just use it to host my photos. The price list just comes with the hosting.

Initially it may look the same as the one above, as it tries to fit the screen, but click on it and it will open in SmugMug and then you will be surprised exactly how far you can zoom in until it starts to get a bit blurry. So far it opens in the same window, so please not forget to come back, or open a duplicate window. However, as nice as it is to see the map whole, with all the associated artistry and decoration, if looking for detail, it is best to revert to the original website and find the Section you need. Even clearer images, just in 48 tiles. That is how I will set about recreating the list of Gentlemans Names, below. The whole map will help with the location of the section, and the section on the website will be the source of the transcription.

When I created the 48 tiles I had to zoom to 33% to get the whole tile within the screen size for a screen shot. If I repeated the exercise with a much larger screen and the images on full screen, therefore less reduction, the resultant whole map may well be better, but it would still be stitched. Also, it is good to refer to the original site for the detailed sections, after all, it is their work that enabled this. 


ArcGIS Story Map

Using the information in the abovementioned spreadsheet, I have also created an ESRI / ArcGIS Story Map which shows the location of the places of abode, indicated by numbers on Taylor's map, on a modern map. Follow the link to go directly to Taylor's Map of Hampshire 1759 and the places associated with the List of Gentlemen or see the slightly squeezed version embedded below.

Sorry, to be a stand alone item, it does repeat some of the above, but has new stuff as well.


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