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Collins families

Greetings Telegram
Queen's Greetings Telegram for Diamond Wedding

James William Parker

James William Parker 1884-1971

Special thanks go to some of the Ancestry community who have done a lot of the heavy lifting for this, including AjHampshire1971, SueParkerHampshireUK, ange1bailey, and parkerfluengandy. Presumably all relatives, and some close direct relatives.

I came across their work whist researching Charles Henry New, his brother by the same parents, Charles Michael Parker and Agnes Ellen Parker nee Kimber. Their parents split up and their story splits up as well. James was with his father and Charles was with his mother. His mother met a man George Charles New. After some time Charles Henry Parker became known as Charles Henry New.

They are related through my Mothers side, and then through her mother, a Collins.

James had a long and interesting life.

Charles Henry New


Charles Henry New or Parker

Also known as Charles Henry New, Charles Henry Parker, and Charles Michael Parker, and Charles Henry Parker New.

The challenge here is to find if and when Parker became New.

Special thanks go to some of the Ancestry community who have done a lot of the heavy lifting for this, including AjHampshire1971, SueParkerHampshireUK, ange1bailey, and parkerfluengandy. Presumably all relatives.

Kate's wedding day
Kate's wedding day

Catherine Alice Collins

Catherine Alice Collins was my Nan. My mother’s mother.

Kate was born on 20th September 1902 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, and her parents were Edward Nash Collins and Alice Florence Collins nee Furzey.

Alice was Edward’s second wife, the first was Jemima Joanna Brookman. Jemima was born in 1858 in Southampton, Hampshire, her father, John, was 51, and her mother, Rose, was 44. She married Edward Nash Collins on 27th July 1884 in Southampton. She died on 1st October 1894 at the young age of 36. They had four children during their marriage. Elizabeth Emma Rose Collins was born in 1885, Beatrice Janet Collins was born in 1887, Laura Jessie Leah Collins was born in 1888, and Ellen Maud Collins was born in 1892. They were aged 9, 7, 6, and 2 respectively, when their mother died in 1894.

Edward was only 37 when Jemima died. Within a year, he had married Alice. According to their Marriage Certificate Edward Nash Collins (38, Widower) - Alice Florence Furzey (21, Spinster) on 3rd June 1895 in the Parish Church of St Mary, Southampton, both of 73 Grove St, Southampton. Fathers, Thomas Collins, Labourer and Charles Henry Furzey, Marinier. In the presence of James Collins and Kate Turpin. Alice was 17 years his younger.

According to the 1891 Census the Collins's family were living at 6 Threefields Lane, Southampton. Just to add to the confusion the ecclesiastical parish and municipal ward  was St James but the civil parish was St Mary. Rose, 6, Beatrice, 4 and Jessie, 2, constituted the children living at home. Their fourth child, Maud, was born later, in 1892.

A widow called Ann Brookman, aged 78 also lived at 6 Threefields Lane, together with some of her family. Ann was Jemima's mother. Ann whose maiden name was Rose Ann Campbell, was born in 1814. She married John James Brookman on 7th January 1833 in Southampton, Hampshire. They had 11 children in 26 years. She died on 13th March 1894 in Southampton, Hampshire, having lived a long life of 80 years. About six months before her daughter, Jemima.

By the 1901 Census everything had changed. Edward's wife was now Alice, aged 27, and they lived at 13 Chapel Street, St Mary, Southampton. Beatrice, 14 and Maud, 9, whose mother Jemima had died in 1894, were living with their father and stepmother, Alice. In addition there were Edward and Alice's daughters Elsie, 5 and Lettie, 3, Kate's elder sisters. Another resident was Edward Furzey, 20, stated as nephew. Edward was no longer a cabinet maker as recorded in the 1891 Census and was now a house painter and decorator.



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