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Welcome to my Family Tree

Welcome to the genealogy part of my website.

It is currently under development and will be subject to ongoing change.

It is intended to include information about my Family Tree, stories about people and places, including histories, together with information about One Name and One Place studies.

100 Generations of family history

 Charles The Hammer MartelCharles 'The Hammer' Martel


A lot of my hobbies fit in with an interest in data collation and classification. Which not surprisingly comes from my personality to a large extent. Building web sites is a combination of art and logical application of data. Even more so with database and content management solutions. 

Family trees as a hobby involves a lot of research but also a huge amount of data management. Expand that to include an element of history and the thought process widens to include how the facts of a person fits with the socio-economic circumstance of the time and location.

This website attempts to put some meat on the bones of the family tree databases.

I tend to write as I research or explore someone or something so it is a progressive narrative, sometimes to a conclusion, but not always.



5 Generations on Ancestry


Ancestral Surnames

Some of my ancestral surnames, just from the beginning of my Family Tree Pedigree Mode

5 generations of Surnames, starting with Hurst and Pomeroy.

Paternal Surnames
   Hurst Broomfield
 Hurst   Stone  Broomfield Broomfield
Hurst Day Stone ? ...... Broomfield Biddlecombe Broomfield Price




Maternal Surnames
Pomeroy Collins
Pomeroy Bignell Collins Furzey
Pomeroy Bailey Bignell Russell Collins Nash Furzey Brookman









Just to get you started is a name tool for you to investigate.

The data derives from 22 million birth records transcribed by the volunteer UK Local BMD project, and includes 143,259 unique names over 177 years, over seven geographically diverse counties. The chart for each name shows the percentage of all transcribed records in which it appears. Data compiled by Dr Stephen Bush and Professor Tom Freeman of the University of Edinburgh.


 Link to source


 The reference above, to 

100 Generations of family history

alludes to the following copied from a previous rendition of my Family Tree website

This redirects to another of my sites, which has information about our family tree and some of the notable people and families in the tree. Our family tree is a holistic composition of related trees including all branches and derivations. Our family tree links back past 100 generations, well into BC. All with a trace through the generations. It includes a lot of kings and queens, which is the only reason it was so easy to follow. Below is an example trace. I must however say that most of this tree has not yet been validated.

There are a lot of Coats of Arms, Crests and flags associated with our family tree but none in a direct line.


 Nice as it is to have such a long list of generations, I do know that there are some known problems along the way. The current improbable Hurst tree does not fully follow this route but there remain difficulties including part of the Pomeroy Line, part of the Kings of the Franks, and some of the dates around the burning of Rome as some examples. Of course the further back in time you go, the less real evidence there is to validate the assertion, all the way until it becomes just mere myth.




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