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George Hawker


George Hawker married into the family with Selina Butler

Selina Butler was the daughter of George Butler and Sarah Pomeroy. Sarah was baptised on 26 November 1815 at Thornecombe. She married George Butler on 21 January 1836 when she was 20 years of age. George was 30.

Ancestry has a Parish Map of Dorset, which helps understand the interplay between locations. Beaminster Registration District includes the town and parish of Broadwinsor (Broadwindsor) together with the adjacent parishes of Stoke Abbott, Burstock, Pilsdon, Bettiscombe, Mosterton, South Perrott, Cheddington, Marshwood, Thorncombe, Netherbury, and of course, Beaminster. Some records about people in these areas refer to the registration district of Beamister and others to the Parish, and sometimes the town or hamlet. This is just a complication of locations and interpretations of records.

Sarah Pomeroy was the daughter of Frances and George Pomeroy, who was the Blacksmith at the small hamlet of Cole's Cross, Broadwindsor, Dorset, England. George Pomeroy and Frances Gibbs were married in St John the Baptist Church in Broadwindsor. It is likely that she was born in Cole's Cross despite being baptised in Thorncombe. See the article 'The Bignells and the Pomeroys of Broadwindsor' for further details about the family in Cole's Cross.

George and Frances first child was baptised on 13th October 1805 of the Gregorian Calendar, the current calendar. There was nothing mentioned about residence or profession. However, there is a question about this record, as the parents are named as George and Hannah, his wife.

George Pomeroy Baptism 1805

 How things have changed. From a hand written book of notes, free form, to a specified and structured proforma generally typed, and fully legible.

There is therefore some discussion about this George being the son of George and Fanny. Understandably.

Conversely, it would be quite normal at the time for the first born son to be named after the father.

The next child according to the family tree, was William, son og George Pomeroy & Frances his wife. Baptised on 30 August 1807. 

William Pomeroy Baptism 1807

Unfortunately, William died the same year. His burial was recorded in the parish record of Broadwindsor. A simple entry of 9th Sept under the heading of 1807, William Pomeroy. It could of course be any William Pomeroy as there are no identifying comments or annotations. On the same page, there are some additional items. Aaron Hain was a Yeoman, buried 18th Dec 1805. The first of 12 burials in 1806 was on the 3rd February with 'Henry Fone, aged 96, a carpenter.'  At the bottom of the age another significant entry, this time in 1807, on the 29th December, Mathew Barllett aged 107 years. Most definitely worthy of note.







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