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Richard Eldridge b. 1817


Richard Eldridge


Timeline of Richard Eldridge
Event Date of event Since Parents marriage Since Birth Since Baptism Since Marriage
Birth  About 1817        
Baptism  12th October 1817  9 months, 18 days   0  
Marriage  19th April 1846  29 years, 3 months, 26 days  About 28 years 28 years, 6 months, 8 days  


Richard Eldridge was born in 1817, his father, Richard, was 26 and his mother, Martha, was 20.

Baptised Richard Eldridge 12 Oct 1817

Richard was baptised on the 12th October 1817 in the parish church of Stokenham, in Devon. His parents were recorded as Richard and Martha Eldridge and the place of abode, Torcross, a short distance from Stokenham.

Richard was baptised 9 months and 18 days after his parents' were married.

Torcross is by the sea, and the father's profession is Custom House Officer. At a time of little mobility it is strange to see children baptised so far away from the place of their parents wedding, so soon afterwards. However, with the profession stated as being  Custom House Officer this makes it more creditable, as he could have been posted there shortly after his marriage to Martha.

There were two other Custom House Officer's whose children were baptised, recorded on the same page of the Parish Register.

 Marriage Richard Eldridge Mary Ann Nicholas

 Richard Eldridge married Mary Ann Nicholas on 19th April 1846 at Bethnal Green parish church, St Matthew's, in the county of Middlesex. They were both of full age and both living at 61 Bethnal Green Road, and it was there first marriage, he being an bachelor and she a spinster. He was a General Dealer. Both could sign their name.

His father is stated as being Richard Eldridge a Custom House Officer, which matches other information about him.

Mary Ann's father was recorded as John Nicholas, a gardener. 

The wedding was recorded as being it the presence of Richard Eldridge and Elizabeth Eldridge, by her mark. It was conducted by the curate, Gibson.



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