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Tithe Apportionment - Whiteparish

Tithe Apportionment - Parish of Whiteparish, Wiltshire

There is a possibility that some of my ancestors lived there and migrated from there.

That requires further investigations.

This is part of those investigations. There are three main streams, one is via ESRI ArcGIS StoryMap and another other a spreadsheet based database. The third is the normal family tree, both in Ancestry and TNG. The TNG list of the people of Whiteparish currently starts with Elizabeth born in 1565.

 A child with the surname Hurst was born in 1564, and Edith Hurst was born in 1566, both in Whiteparish. The question of are these people related remains un-answered at the moment.


Your text...

The StoryMap is below, and the spreadsheet full of interesting records below that. The Story Map Tithe Apportionment Parish of Whiteparish can also be open in a new window by clicking on the link. 

Depending on your computer and your internet connection you may have to be a little patient and allow the StoryMap time to load the maps and images.  



The Dataset



Graph of Land Usage in Whiteparish in 1842 from the Tithe Apportionment information.



Graph of Land Ownership in Whiteparish in 1842 from the Tithe Apportionment information.




 The Table with all the data of the Detailed Plot register. 

This table has the Landowners and Occupiers of all the Plots in the Parish, including the Description or Names of the plots together with the State of Cultivation. It instances where there is no entry, but it is evident what the Land Usage is I have added the category surrounded with { Brace Brackets }. Not relative to the Tithe Apportionment as some of the Land Usage is not part of the charge regime, however {Residence), {Premises} and {Retail} etc are useful additions. There are approximately 220 Mansions, Houses, or Cottages etc, across the Parish. 

The areas of each plot together with the Rentcharge amount in respect of both the Small and Great Tithe, for the Vicar and Impropriator.

 Top Ten Landowners in Whiteparish from the Tithe Apportionment information

 From this analysis of the plot level detail for the Parish of Whiteparish the Top Ten Landowners own 91% of the whole recorded area of the parish. Two of the Landowners were relations to the Nelson of The Battle of Trafalgar fame.

Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson, (7 August 1823 – 25 February 1913), was 16 years 9 months 7 days at the recorded data of the survey, 14th May 1840, a Minor, hence the Guardians of ...

He was the son of Thomas Bolton (a nephew of Vice Admiral The 1st Viscount Nelson) by his wife Frances Elizabeth Eyre. On 28 February 1835 his father inherited the title Earl Nelson from William Nelson, 1st Earl Nelson and adopted the surname of Nelson. He died on 1 November that year, and his son Horatio succeeded to the title and the estate, Trafalgar House in Wiltshire, in the nearby parish of Downton. The Eyre Family were the owners of Brickworth Park according to the Turnpike Acts for the Whiteparish Romsey Southampton Road. The Dowager Countess Frances Elizabeth Nelson was recorded as being the Landowner as Brickworth Park. 

The remainder are either titled or referred to as Esquire. Although not all of the Esquires are in the top ten.




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