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Maths Homework


Maths Homework


Not the normal grone about Maths. It was my favourite subject both at Secondary School and at Sixth Form. Indeed, three of my 5 'A' Levels are in Maths.

I liked our Sixth Form Maths teacher. He was very clever. He would often sit at his desk and get out the Times crossword, within ten minutes it was done. Generally he would set homework with five easy to middling questions and one stinker.

I would habitually start with the difficult question, and almost invariably resolve it successfully. Not, within the ten minutes that he would do the crossword, but frequently over twice the time it should have taken to do my homework. Focussing on the difficult does have its downside, particularly with respect to learning by rout and repetition, and therefore speed in exams.  Exams are not just about your root knowledge, but also understanding  and speed. Conversely, focussing on the difficult does help enhance complex problem solving skills. 

Often heard question, what can Maths do for me?

Well, Maths helped me with creating complex financial models, risk management, cost predictions, contractor audits, specialist contract reviews, drafting reports for Major Projects External Experts, Company Re-engineering, creating strategies, and working on many other complex problems and opportunities. It helped me with logical and holistic thinking. In general, it helped a lot.

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