idp Racing

Pete also started a racing team, which was called idp racing. The order of the initials did not have any particular significance, other than that sounded best. idp = Ivan, David, and Peter. Pete was the mad one that road around the track at breakneck pace. He came off a few times, doesn't everybody? He had a Yamaha 250 with a custom built Machin frame, water cooled. Similar to the one in this link. Water cooled was rare in bikes at time. We had a good couple of seasons. Even though it was 'only' a 250, it was pure race built with chromed pots and needle baring's, and was significantly faster than the bigger Kawasaki 750 triple. The small ends had an estimate life span of 250 miles. On one occasion we calculated that that would be partway through a race. We decided that there would probably be some tolerance to that, so decided to change them after the race. They blew up partway around the track, wrecking the engine. We did not make that mistake again