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Ivan Hurst and family personal website

Welcome to Ivan Hurst's Web site. Browse around to find Natural History, cars and trucks, restoration, environment and travel to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

If you have visited before, this could be something of a surprise, and perhaps you were expecting this as the next page. A lot of that page's functionality has been lost as the sites are transferred and transformed. You can still see the Main Content here, but hurry back, to this new and improved world.

The site covers my family’s hobbies, interests, holidays and events attended. It is mainly an image based site with some narrative. In addition there are plenty of linked photo galleries.

Yes, this is very similar to the Central Navigation page, but without the legacy information and links. However, this site has content unlike the Central Navigation which has only one purpose, to allow you to get somewhere else.

If you have comments or questions please drop me a line using the contacts form.

 Let me explain what is included;

This the main site, contents below, and

Sub and auxiliary sites

There are three Sub sites and entrance to those is on the pages with envelope icons on the Content menu at the top of the page. They are also below.

Enter my Genealogy Site


Go to my Photography page to select which Photography Site to jump to.


Go to my Travel page to select which Travel Site to jump to.


Enter my SmugMug Site.

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Those are the off site pages, either as a full sub-site or a fully external site.

There is in the menu a section called Contents, which may have been called Products or Services on a commercial site. This is the bulk of the content of this site, and below is a outline, a taster, to tempt you in.


It broad terms the contents of this site can be classified as below. Click to open the topic. 








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