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Photography with intent on a cruise ship balcony sailing the Norwegian Fjords. Photo by Wendy
Photography with intent on a cruise ship balcony sailing the Norwegian Fjords. Photo by Wendy

Photos, videos, and graphics


Photography together with videos and graphics.

The start of something big.

Mainly photos, with well over 100,000 in my LightRoom Library. Don't worry you don't have to see them all.

Unlike my lovely Mother-in-Law, who wanted to see our Iceland slides after we returned from our holiday. At the time she did not know what she was asking for. They had not been filtered, so it was just as they had been taken, all of them.

Three hours later, "Where are the people, ones? Where are you and Wendy?".

We had different ideas of holiday photos, me, the place we visited, particularly landscapes, whilst she was more interested in us as the focus, with the place in the background.

Maldives Beach chairI have three different sites to redirect to, in order of development;

Photography built on NetObjects.


Just Photography 

Built with Microsoft Expression Web in code and hosted at on a Windows server so that Photosynth and ... would work. These are no longer supported and therefore the need for a special environment diminishes. In the process of being retired.

Ivan Hurst Photography 

The Joomla Content Managed site currently being developed to replace previous versions.


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 Click on the SmugMug logo to jump directly to this external site run by me, and hosted on SmugMug.












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