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My hobbies

An activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working

By that definition my 'Hobbies', 'Activities' and 'Events' are all really Hobbies. Even so I will continue to refer to them separately, accepting the there will be some overlap.

Also included in that definition would be eating, and watching TV. One an essential, the other a pastime. Neither covered here.

Dolphins in the Bay of Biscay
Dolphins racing to play in the bow wave

Hobbies and psychology


Do you choose your hobby or does your hobby choose you?

 Obviously your hobby is not a sentient being so is incapable of making a choice. However, does something in your makeup predicate you to particular hobbies? 

I used to work for a construction Consultancy company with ambitions to create a Quantity Surveying Team of 200 staff. Unfortunately a recession changed that objective to 'not part of the core objectives'.

Frequently, the choice of who to put on a commission was based on availability together with face fit. Neither optimise the selection for the Client.

I started to develop an Excel application that featured Personal Work History, Competencies Matrix, Roles and Responsibilities, and Resource Management to help indicate and manage the competencies of a person and department, and thereby help with selection of the appropriate individuals for a particular commission. It would also help with Training Needs Analysis and Skills Management.

After I left the company I started to develop that application in a SQL database hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Work and hobbies clearly intertwined.


Psychology and hobbies


Psychology, hobbies and wellbeing


I consider that having hobbies helps my wellbeing. I used to spend a lot of a day working or commuting. Even having a pastime such as watching the TV helped me unwind. Often I thought it was better to have the unwind time and go for a shorter period of sleep, before getting up the next day to catch the first train back to work. Hobbies helped even more. Now there is a growing consideration of the importance of wellbeing and the benefits of hobbies. There is a selection of articles below from others more knowledgeable in the field. All with thanks and aploigies for copying it here as links sometimes get broken.

Some extracts from Psychology Today

How Hobbies Impact Your Head and Your Heart
New research explains how hobbies can help you feel happier and younger.
Posted Jun 20, 2017

Srini Pillay M.D.
Debunking Myths of the Mind

Many of us have no time for hobbies. Stretched for time, we feel lucky if we make it to the end of the day without complete exhaustion. With our packed schedules, the last thing we might think of is to add another task to the day, yet dabbling in hobbies may be just the activity we need to enhance our lives.

Hobbies and Covid 19





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Hobbies helped with the transition into retirement


Transition from work to retirement







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Completed jigsaw
A jigsaw done together as a family whilst on holiday

What is a hobby to me?


What is a hobby to me, personally?

One definition I found is below;

A hobby is a regular activity done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay. Hobbies include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements.

Then a couple of dictionary definitions, Cambridge and Oxford, unsurprisingly very similar.

An activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working:

An activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working

Photography with intent on a cruise ship balcony sailing the Norwegian Fjords. Photo by Wendy
Photography with intent on a cruise ship balcony sailing the Norwegian Fjords. Photo by Wendy

Photos, videos, and graphics


Photography together with videos and graphics.

The start of something big.

Mainly photos, with well over 100,000 in my LightRoom Library. Don't worry you don't have to see them all.

Unlike my lovely Mother-in-Law, who wanted to see our Iceland slides after we returned from our holiday. At the time she did not know what she was asking for. They had not been filtered, so it was just as they had been taken, all of them.

Three hours later, "Where are the people, ones? Where are you and Wendy?".

We had different ideas of holiday photos, me, the place we visited, particularly landscapes, whilst she was more interested in us as the focus, with the place in the background.

Maldives Beach chairI have three different sites to redirect to, in order of development;

Photography built on NetObjects.


Just Photography 

Built with Microsoft Expression Web in code and hosted at http://ivanhurstphotography.me.uk/ on a Windows server so that Photosynth and ... would work. These are no longer supported and therefore the need for a special environment diminishes. In the process of being retired.

Ivan Hurst Photography 

The Joomla Content Managed site currently being developed to replace previous versions.


smugmug logo consumer small

 Click on the SmugMug logo to jump directly to this external site run by me, and hosted on SmugMug.












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I have been interested in photography since childhood. This was generated in part by my father’s interest. My brother is also a professional photographer. His name is Trevor Hurst. Click on his name to link to his web site. I have used a wide range of equipment in that time including Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony. My first Camera was a box brownie.

Natural History


Again I have been interested in Natural History since childhood. I started writing a book on animal classification in my first year at secondary school. I never completed it as there were already better books available. However, the research for my book did give me a good understanding of the structures of classification systems. At the time that I started compiling the book I thought that there were only two primary classifications known as Kingdoms. This was based on the Linnaean classification. The Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom.

Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring and other vehicles


Trucks includes the trucks, coaches, and library van, some of which were ex-military.

My history with motorhomes and my dream motorhome that never was.

Company cars as well as those I have driven is covered by motoring, and other vehicles is primarily for the boat.  

Computers and Tech

Genealogy and History

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