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Ivan Hurst Consulting Ltd.
Ivan Hurst Consulting Ltd.

BIM - The importance of procurement (Step by Step)


BIM - The importance of procurement (Step by Step)

[Posted in LinkedIn on December 30, 2015]


This is my twelfth post and I thought we could do with a roundup of my writings for the Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, 'Civil Engineering Surveyor'. and LinkedIn Group

The latest is BIM - The importance of procurement

My involvement in BIM started about 5 years ago, which is not long compared to some readers. I have learnt a lot about BIM in that time and about the digital revolution that is enveloping us. I like to share my knowledge and thoughts.

This is the list of my articles for the journal in the order they were published.

Together with the posts in LinkedIn they form a short book, a guide to the fundamentals of holistic BIM. A good starting point, for free, without any adverts, pop-ups, logins, or tracking cookies.

The next article may be about codification.

I hope you find the articles to be informative and helpful.

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