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Home heating and insulation


How to improve the home heating, domestic hot water, draft proofing and insulation in a stainable way to reduce our impact on the environment.


Development of Epsom Court


Development of Epsom Court


Before delving into the maps of Epsom and particularly Epsom Court I would like to refer you to The Epsom and Ewell History Explorer (EEHE) and the article on Epsom Court.

This site brings together articles covering the local history of the area. The articles may have been inspired by many things including specific suggestions, memories, printed works and of course the internet.

Epsom Court is one such article.

Epsom Court Alias Epsom Lodge or Court Farm, formerly the Saxon manor house of Epsom established upon a Roman site?

The Location It may be conjectured that a Roman road linked the villa and tile-works on Ashtead Common to the site of Epsom Court Farm where Toland, in his letter descriptive of Epsom from 1711, mentioned Roman remains. This would have extended from Woodcock Corner on the parish boundary, proceeding south of the present B280 Chessington Road and Christchurch Road to Clayhill Green. Seller’s map of 1690 indicates a secondary route to Ewell which passed Ashtead’s Woodfield before continuing north of Ebsham Wells and then on by Ebsham Court generally following a line suggested by Reginald White on his map in Ancient Epsom (1928). This way would have crossed a stream which still issues from The Cricketers’ pond at Stamford Green but has been contained in a culvert below Christchurch Road. At some time in history, however, a ford here would have been lined with imported stones (likely to have been flints) to improve the going over clay and so the location became known as Stamford as a corruption of the Old English stan [stone] ford. Then, as a letter in The Times of 31 August 1925 reported, ‘at the back of West Hill House, Epsom, there was a piece of Roman road showing … [which] might only have gone to Ebba’s Hame, the Court Farm, Epsom’. From Clay Hill Green the route continued along the present bridle path, Pound Lane. The supposed Roman road appears on the 18th century Rocque map included later in this piece.

BRE Trust Report - The Housing Stock of the United Kingdom
BRE Trust Report - The Housing Stock of the United Kingdom

UK Housing Stock


UK Housing Stock


The first port of call on this discussion is the BRE Trust Report, the Housing Stock of the UK.

DHW Control


Domestic Hot Water Control


How much hot water you need and how to control it?

Immersion Heater

electrical dual immersion switch with neon I recall a time when the immersion was controlled by two switches, one labelled sink and the other bath.

Not very high tech, but functional compared to a single on of switch. However, both are manual only, with the only other control being the immersion element thermostat.


When we moved to our current home the immersion heater was plugged into a switched 13A socket. When yo wanted to have hot water using the immersion heater, a quick flick of the switch beside the plug, and there you go, after a couple of hours, you had a bath full of water. This solution was even simpler than the wired, two switch variety.

Solar power diverter


Solar power diverter


myenergi eddi


There are other Solar power diverters, but I went for the myenergi eddi, so this is about that one only.

According to the myenergi eddi website.

Save money and energy with British made power diverter
Use your excess energy and save
Bring an eddi into your home and you can make the most of the 100% green energy generated from your solar PV or wind generation system.

Rather than exporting excess generation back to the grid as per a standard PV system, with our intelligent eddi power diverter, that extra power generation is instead diverted back to your heating systems, thus heating water on 100% self generated green energy.

It is a simple concept, but a wiz bit of Tech.

How does an energy diverter work?

It monitors the Grid connection and as soon as you start generating more electricity than you are using, as soon as you start exporting, it turns on the immersion heater in your hot water cylinder, creating an additional load, and stopping the export. If you turn something else on it the house, it reduces the power going to the immersion heater by that amount. It only uses self generated electricity that would otherwise go as export to the grid.

It stores the surplus electrical energy produced in the form of hot water.

To maximise the storage capacity, you would have cold water to start with and a very large cylinder or Thermal Store. However, there are some impracticalities with that, including the potential of cold water to wash with in the morning before any diversion had commenced.

Of course such diversion into hot water can not continue indefinitely. A home with super heated steam in a cylinder is not a safe option. The thermostat attached to the immersion heater would close the circuit. For the avoidance of doubt, not the one for the cylinder, which controls the Domestic Hot Water side of the Central Heating. At that point, with self use of electricity being less than the PV panels are generating at that moment in time, and nowhere for the power diverter to divert to, export of electricity would commence.

Loft insulation


Loft insulation


Smart meter


Smart meter


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