Friends and Family

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Friends and Family

Friends and Family





The best starting place for family is my Family Tree websites, My exploration of Genealogy and TNG database



Schools I attended


Mansel Infants and Mansel Juniors


The first school I went to was Mansel Infants followed by Mansel Juniors. The schools were not far from my home in Millbrook Southampton.

 Below a Google map of the area showing the schools near The Saints Pub.

 I remember Millbrook Towers, top of Mansel Park, being built and something about it being the tallest residential tower block at 25 floors. However, I don't recall if it was the tallest in Millbrook, or Southampton, or Hampshire, or even England. The sound of the external tower crane jib collapsing on to the vertical frame, was horrendously loud. would the rest come down with it? Fortunately it did not. The rest of the work was completed with the central core tower crane only. That crane had to be lifted out at the end with a very large and powerful helicopter which had to come down specially from Scotland.

I do recall some children at the schools, like the twins, but not any names, nor any of the teachers names.

The playground, the hard surface one, I also recall spending time in.

Shirley Warren SMS badge
Shirley Warren SMS badge

School Friends - Shirley Warren


School Friends from my days at Shirley Warren Secondary Modern School


I went to Shirley Warren School instead of the closer Millbrook School in Green Lane, primarily I think because my older brother, Trevor went there before me. He was Head Boy in his fifth year. He left in the summer that I joined in the autumn. We both had the advantage that our maternal Grand parents lived in Warren Avenue, just a short walk away. Lunch sometimes taken there.

I attended from September 1964 to July 1969.


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