One place study

One place study

Millbrook, Hampshire

My interest in one place studies started with the 1841 census at Millbrook Hampshire. According to MyHeritage there are only 3496 records for 1841, which increased to 12,863 for the 1891 census. Millbrook, Redbridge, and Nursling were all adjacent rural communities with very low density populations. I have been following the enumerators described roues to try to establish residences and plot them on a map. Communities were fairly static in the early part of the census taking period before WWI. There had been the earlier mass migrations caused by the industrial and agricultural revolutions, exasperated by the enclosure laws. I am expecting to find some families say it close proximity to the first census and have a tendency to marry the girl/boy next door. Well, near neighbours. By studying one census location from 1841 to 1911, I hope to be able to shed some light on he social change as the population again starts to migrate again and the area becomes urbanised and absorbed into Southampton.





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