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My Travelogue

The whole world


A collection of stories about my years of overland travel, holidays and short breaks, around the world.

Welcome to Ivan's whole wide world photo travelogue.
                 What's new;- Just finished the story 'Tales of my first time - Trans Asia 1975 trip' A good read, full of surprises.


A collection of stories about my overland trips in Asia and Africa and holidays around the world.

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This is the entrance portal to my Travelogue

It covers a huge scope from 1m above sea level in the photo of Holiday Island beach, Maldives to 5681 at Gillman's Point (aka Gilman's), Kilimanjaro. Both are close to the equator, but totally different environments. There are more extremes inside. In fact, the range is greater than that as there is some underwater photography included, and a few aerial shots. There are some photos from space but I did not take those personally.

Maldives white sand beach

Travel was part of my main site under hobbies, but it just got too big. So this is the reincarnation.


Enter my travelogue, and enjoy


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What's new

This whole website is relatively new and under construction. It is a replacement for my old travel site. Most of the structure is complete but the stories are missing. I will write the stories and upload them as they are written, so you can see them develop, some times on a daily basis.

I have just completed the first of the Grand Tour travel stories. It still needs polishing, but the bulk is there! See the Status on each page to see what is outstanding.

Tales of my first time, Trans Asia trip 1975 Current Story


What's Active


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As more stories are completed they will be added to the word cloud. My first e-book has been completed and added to the list. Others will come in the future, so please return frequently to see how it is progressing.

I anticipate it will take years to complete, if ever.

I hope you enjoy watching it grow as much as I enjoy writing it. Oh, and going on more holidays to collect more story lines to write.