Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring

Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring

Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring and other vehicles


Trucks includes the trucks, coaches, and library van, some of which were ex-military.

My history with motorhomes and my dream motorhome that never was.

Company cars as well as those I have driven is covered by motoring, and other vehicles is primarily for the boat.  

My dream motorhome


The motorhome that never was







  Foden 8x6 DROPS Vehicle Intermediate Medium Mobility Load Carrier (IMMLC) trial at RARDE Chobham. Cross country at Long Valley Aldershot.


My motorhome history


What has happened with my motorhomes?



One that got away

I believe that this maybe a Mercedes coach O 321 H. There is a similar image here and an article about the Mercedes coach O 321 H from the manufacturer entitled 'The world champion bus in the guise of the O 321 H'.

Motorhome in Cheshire

The O 321 H, a medium-sized forward-control bus with nine seat rows which impressed customers with a remarkably spacious luggage compartment beneath the floor of the passenger area. This was a result of the new self-supporting construction featuring a frame/floor assembly with a body firmly welded to it and serving also to support the structure.

Perhaps that is what lent it to being converted to a motorhome.

I had seen an advert for this bus converted to a motorhome and made an appointment to drive all the way to Cheshire to view it in the car park of an industrial unit. It was a long journey and took longer than I wanted. Photos as I left were of the refinery at night, just a couple of miles down the road. refinery at night

They were a lovely couple who had spent a lot of time and love converting this from a coach / bus to a well appointed comfortable motorhome. Perhaps that is why I stayed talking so long.


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