Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring

Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring

Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring and other vehicles


Trucks includes the trucks, coaches, and library van, some of which were ex-military.

My history with motorhomes and my dream motorhome that never was.

Company cars as well as those I have driven is covered by motoring, and other vehicles is primarily for the boat.  

The Mark 12A in service at RAF Brize Norton

History of the Marks


Mark 7 to Mark 12A and beyond


On other posts I introduced you Peter Mitrovitch’s photos. They are so informative that I was inspired to create this photo history of MOD fire engines. I will start it with a duplicate of the previous page as the header to this article.

From what I can see in the photos, I assume that the Mark ? designation is an MOD identifier as the manufactures shown in the photos include Bedford, Dennis, Simon, Carmichael, Scammell / Gloster Saro, Unipower, Thornycroft, and latterly Rosenbauer.

Mark 12A Service Record


What has the Mark 12A been upto?

 Not a service history of when the oil filter was changed, but more a list of significant postings and change of location / ownership.

 An outline of the Mark12A service in the military and owners, or carers.

Mark 12A Manufacturer’s History


Carmichael’s history


As at 2020

Amdac-Carmichael Ltd, and latterly CSS Fire Vehicles  July 2004 to 18th July 2018; Worcester UK
The notice on their website.

Please be advised that sadly after a very long trading history CSS Worcester ceased trading on the 18th July 2018

Terberg DTS UK Ltd are pleased to advise that it has purchased from the Liquidators the remaining assets, stock, IP, drawings, records and all other relevant items for business.

This purchase has been transferred to our Gloucester Fire and Rescue Division who will be responsible for supporting the activities and the provision of parts and service for the vehicles supplied by Carmichael CSS Historically.

I am pleased to advise that we have bolstered our existing highly experienced staff many of who were ex Carmichael people with addition staff from CSS.

We are reaching out to existing customers over the coming weeks to communicate the changes but ask that you do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance. Carmichael Fire Vehicles.

AEC Reliance Burlingham Seagull


AEC Reliance Burlingham Seagull from coach to motorhome.

Mark 12A Vehicle Specification


Vehicle Specification for Charmichael Mark 12A


I am slowly collecting information about my Carmichael Mark 12A fire engine from a wide variety of sources. This includes the manufacturer and part and equipment providers. Where possible I have acknowledged the provider of the information. Frequently it is the vehicle itself that has provided the raw data. As it is a unique vehicle there is very little published information to which I can refer. However, over time I expect this section to expand and hope that it will become the definitive source of information regarding the Mark 12A. It is the elevating platform that distinguishes it from a normal Mark 12.