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Mark 12A Service Record


What has the Mark 12A been upto?

 Not a service history of when the oil filter was changed, but more a list of significant postings and change of location / ownership.

 An outline of the Mark12A service in the military and owners, or carers.

The information below kindly provided by Carmichael on 14 June 2010
Construction history

Order placed by MoD


Scammell 6 x 6 Mk 12a


Super Nubian 6 x 6

Chassis Received


24 December 1988

Chassis No



Engine No




Dispatched completed to RAF on


16 March 1990


No other entries in old ledgers and journals shown for a Mark 12a
















Fire Engine Mark 12A 14527 Mk12a, 10AY98 RAF Brize Norton

The photo was taken in 1990 at RAF Brize Norton by Peter Mitrovitch and is reproduced here with his kind permission.


Service - 1st


The following information is from MOD Form 654


Date in service


16 March 1990



RAF Brize Norton




Vehicle asset code


2396 3101

Vehicle Make & Model


Truck Fire Fighting 8T 6x6 Foam Scammell Mk12

Registration No.


10 AY 98

Chassis No.





6786 Miles

Disposal Instructions


RAF Brampton


1 November 2000


2HZ 2815

Dispatch Vehicle to


BCA Blackbushe, Auction Centre, Blackbushe Airport, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey. GU17 9LG

Vehicle accepted for sale by the auctioneer


6 December 2000

 Duration of in care    3883 Days > 10.63 years



Service - 2nd



Anybody  know?

   What happened to the Mark12A between being sent for Auction in 2000 at BCA and being auctioned at Witham Specialist Vehicles in 2007. It looked somewhat neglected during that seven year period.











Service - 3rd

Sent for Auction


Witham Specialist Vehicles Ltd

 Arrived for sale    
 Date of Auction / Tender    
 Estimate for Lot 215    £15,000
 Date of Purchase    11 June 2007
 Date of Dispatch    










 Carmichael Mark 12A and Bedford TM 6x6 1177 

Lot 111 and Lot 215 shortly after delivery from Witham Specialist Vehicles Ltd following the successful purchase of both of them by tender. 

David on the roof of the Mark12A working the monitor.

Date on photo 10/6/2007.

Apparently the airport amber light met with a bridge whilst on the back of the low loader. Evidently not low enough.



Service - 4th

Ivan Hurst, me

  Date of Purchase    11 June 2007
 Date of dispatch from Dunsfold to Museum of RAF Firefighting    Thu 21 March 2019
 Duration of in care    4301 Days > 11.78 years - Longer than in service with MOD








Mark 12A at Museum



The Carmichael Mark 12A in place at Museum of RAF Firefighting on 22 April 2019.

The Museum is at a temporary home of 14 Billet Lane, Normanby Enterprise Park, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.




Service - 5th - Current

Museum of RAF Firefighting

 Contact(s)    Chris Bradley, Gareth Jordan, Tim Webster, Steven Shirley
 Date of first approach by museum    29 August 2016
 Date of agreement    30 January 2018
 Date of preparations for movement    Sat 16 February 2019 revised to Sat 23 February 2019
 Date of dispatch from Dunsfold to Museum of RAF Firefighting    Thu 21 March 2019
 Date of confirmation of safe arrival at Museum    Sat 23 March 2019
























Flag Counter





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