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This is such a broad subject that it has a site all to itself.

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My main Ancestry Tree with my associated DNA test. This link functionality is new from Ancestry at time of writing and is very much under beta testing. It may or may not work without an Ancestry account.  I refer to this tree as my improbable tree. I believe that it could also be called a dirty tree.  It has a lot of unsubstantiated information in it, with additional names added based on hints and other people's trees. A large proportion of the tree has yet to be validated. However, it is useful to have as wide a tree as possible to collect as many potential ancestors and relatives as possible. With branches and twigs being revisited from time to time to research further, improve data and records,  and possibly get close to validation. DNA helps with this process.

The main self hosted database is held within The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). This site holds several databases.

Another tree held on MyHeritage is very much smaller and is restricted to much higher reliability data. It is also potentially a collaborative tree, with invitees. 

A Google Earth Project on Google Earth Web, The Parish of Millbrook Tithe Apportionment

Accounts/membership are also held at;-

The Genealogist

Family Search


British Library

National Archives

General Register Office (GRO)

Hampshire Record Office

Hampshire Genealogical Society HGS

Wiltshire Family History Society

Guild of One Name Studies

Society for One-Place Studies

The British Newspaper Archive

Links to useful sources of information;-




Dorset Online Parish Clerks OPC

Find a Grave

The Workhouse

Turnpikes and Roads in England and Wales



National Library of Scotland Maps

The Church of England Dioceses Map

ESRI ArcGIS Church of England parish map

FamilySearch Maps

UK & Ireland Genealogy GENUKI

Old Hampshire Mapped

Old Maps Online

Hampshire County map (boundaries)



Finally, just for fun;-

An extract from my old site, follow the link to see the crests, pictures and trace starting at Ilus or Ilyus King of Troy (1345 - 1282BC)
Relationship to Ivan Hurst; 99th great grandfather of wife of 16th great grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed of husband of 1st cousin 1x removed

Our family tree links back past 100 generations, well into BC. All with a trace through the generations. It includes a lot of kings and queens, which is the only reason it was so easy to follow. Below is an example trace. I must however say that most of this tree has not yet been validated.

However, more research has lead to at least two fundamental queries in this list. The first of which is:-

Roger De Mortimer 3rd Baron Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (1287 - 1330)
Husband of JOAN
William Alfred Willielmo Mortimer Knight (1330 - 1360)
Son of Roger

 This son is alleged to be the result of an illicit liaison between Isabella Capet de France who was married Edward II King of England at the time.  This is now considered dubious, despite being used over 27,000 time in Ancestry. I have read some research that suggests it would have been impossible to conduct such an liaison, not only because of the little alone time of a Queen of England, but also because a lot of both of their itineraries are recorded, and comparing the movements of the two, any overlap, being in the same place at the same time, was very unlikely. Being in the same country at the same time, or even the same county, is something of a prerequisite.

Another problem is during the Kings of the Franks links, as not all appear to be directly related. Although I suspect there may be some relationship from one monarch to the next.

The onward link from the page has long since died, with the service being withdrawn by the provider.

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