The Wider Environment


The Wider Environment


In the Wider Environment section I look outside of by home and discuss a bigger area of concern, weather that is the town, the country, or the continent in which I live. Or indeed the World.



Ten Square metres of Surrey


Ten Square metres of woodland in leafy Surrey

Many years ago I read an advert about selling a small plot of woodland near Leatherhead. At the time I did not know where Leatherhead was. Reference to paper maps provided the answer. At the time Leatherhead was the dominant town of the area. Now it is Epsom, and at the time I obviously had no idea that years later I would be living in Epsom.

A phone call to the advertisers and arrangements were made together with details of how to get there from Leatherhead town centre. Another look at the maps to plot a route.

The allocated day arrived and it was not too difficult to find. There were a number of cars parked at or near the gate.

Sand Martins nests


Sand Matins nesting in a sand cliff.

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