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The Will of Christopher Biddlecomb of Ringwood.
The Will of Christopher Biddlecomb of Ringwood.

Biddlecombe families - The Process


Biddlecombe families - The Process


A brief overview of the history first.

An article on my website Christopher Biddlecomb of Ringwood ( The article starts with Christopher Biddlecomb of Ringwood but expands out with the generations as fortunes and locations change.

I found his Last Will and Testament and transcribed it and made an article about it, and the family associated with it.

I then found more wills both in Ancestry and The National Archives.

More articles followed and the whole grew too big and has had to be restructured, twice.

It is now a suite of articles, with articles in articles and snippets within articles, all collated and managed.


The following is effectively notes to myself as to how to keep doing this as it continues to grow. 

Process point A

The start of the current process is still with a Will.

Add the person whose will it is to Ancestry as a un-linked person, who hopefully will become an un-linked or orphaned branch of the tree.

Transcribe the will and take notes of the recipients and others mentioned in the will.

Write that up as an article in the previous format.

Add the will to the Excel will register.

Process point B

Add the identified family to the Ancestry person and see if there are any hints. Search Ancestry for other records.

Add the people to the Biddlecombe One Name Study to the TNG database.

Add the people and records to the Biddlecombe families Excel spreadsheet.

Search for original document images, both for inclusion in the website article and for verification of the previous data.


Search for additional locational information.

Find the locations on old maps, including the Greenwood series

Find the locations on old maps, including the National Library of Scotland OS Maps 25". From these maps record the Latitude and Longitude and add that information / place to the Excel spreadsheet and the TNG database.

More info

If after 1841 search census records for more information about family members, occupations, any gaps in info so far, and by comparing different census returns possible movements or returns.

If around the time of the Tithe Apportionment search for records of Landowning or Occupation.

Conduct additional searches as appropriate in;

To create as full a picture of the person as possible for write up in the website.

Check that the Excel spreadsheet has sufficient information, including place Latitude and Longitude, ready for uploading to ArcGIS map.

Extend the Family

Use Ancestry Tree hints and other peoples research to extend the tree where you think appropriate and have sufficient confidence in the information, sometimes following DNA matches.

Compare DNA on GedMatch if possible.

For additional people found return to Process point B and repeat until no further information or people found.

Check the Excel spreadsheet again for data then upload to ArcGIS (ESRI) Map. Check that it is functioning correctly. Create or amend the associated ArcGIS StoryMap and link into Website narrative.

Seek relationship connections or links between created branch for will and the remainder of the connected main Ancestry Tree.

When complete return to Process point A and repeat until there are further Wills as seed data.

Continue to  grow tree and information, updating for new or corrected information. Continue to seek relationship links.

When this process seems to be approaching a conclusion, extend the Bibblecombe ONS in the ONS Excel spreadsheet and in the TNG database.

Probably a never ending task.

End Process








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