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Samuel Aplin b Abt 1815


Samuel Aplin

BIRTH Abt. 1815 • Thorncombe, Devon, England



Birth and Baptism

 Baptised Samuel Aplin son Samuel and Hannah 2 Jul 1813

 July 23rd 1813

Samuel, Son of Samuel Aplin of the Parish of Pitminster, Farmer, and of Hannah his wife was baptised by Tho Golding

Born June 30th preceding.

Dealing with the last item first. Initial interpretation could be that Samuel was born 30th June 1813, as that is preceding July of the same year, but that would render the word preceding redundant and superfluous. However, it could mean the year before, rendering his date of birth as being 30th June 1812.

More importantly, his parents names are unexpected as is the parish of Pitminster. Pitminster is approximately half way between Winsham and Williton, both mentioned in the Marriage record below.

The record comes from Piece 1421: Pitminster, Fulwood Chapel (Independent), 1802-1836. Were Samuel Aplin's parents non-conformist? Did non-conformists' have to marry in the Established Church?

I have turned the pages of the register form the above record to the end of the register in 1836. The naming convention for dates of birth varies,  including full date for previous years, to same year for that. So is 'same year' to be interpreted as being the same as 'preceding'? Inconclusive. Also, in that period, there are no other baptisms recorded to Samuel Aplin and Hannah. There are several other families with multiple families. Perhaps a task for another day is to go in the opposite direction.


 There is another record which I would like to draw to your attention before concluding that the above record is pertinent.

Census 1841 Samuel Aplin publican Pitminster

The record is an extract of the 1841 Census for the Parish of Pitminster, Somerset

Starting with Where born first, the record states with a 'y' that the whole family, including the two servants where born in the same county as Pitminster was in, which is Somerset. This is at variance to my expectation, which was a 'N' reflecting born in Devon, Thorncome. Samuel and Hannah match the parents on the baptism record, but are not as expected. The Samuel Aplin, son, is 26 years of age, an is a Butcher. According to Ancestry, this would give him an Estimated Year of Birth of 1815. the census is for 1841, but the marriage of Samuel Aplin to Jane Adams, in Winsham, (not her Parish) was in 1834, so they had been married about seven years. However, there is no Jane Aplin mentioned on the return. 

Hannah's Estimated Year of Birth was 1791. Hannah would have been about 24 years of age when she gave birth to Samuel. Again, another expectation, this time for later children.

My current conclusion is that this is not the same family and the baptism record is discounted. However, I will leave the above notes in place as their presence may help other people from assuming that this data correlates to and is correct for Samuel Aplin of Ipswich, as mentioned in George Biddlecombe's will. 

Alterative Baptism records for Samuel Aplin remain elusive at the moment.








Marriage Samuel Aplin and Jane Adams page header

Marriage Samuel Aplin and Jane Adams

Samuel Aplin of this Parish, Bachelor and Jane Adams of the Parish of Williton, Spinster were married in this Church by License this twenty first Day of July in the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty four By me Geo Ware. Vicar

This Marriage was solemnized between us Samuel Aplin  -- Jane Adams

In the Presence of George Biddlecombe -- Elizabeth Aplin

The Parish was Winsham, Somerset, the same as George Biddlecombe residence at the date of his will.

A newspaper clipping

Marriage Samuel Aplin and Jane Adams Newspaper clip

July 21, at Winsham, Mr. Samuel Aplin, youngest son of Mr. Aplin, of Thorncombe, to Jane, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Adams, of Billbrock, Somerset.

Oh for a letter, a single extra letter. An initial for Mr. Aplin, of Thorncombe would have been so helpful.

The newspaper was The Western Flying Post or Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury
28 Jul 1834, Mon · Page 4

Marriage Samuel Aplin and Jane Adams Newspaper header

 Part of the front page that carried the marriage notice. First thing of note, a front page without massive headlines trying to lure you in to read the article. No the offering was announcements, you had to buy the paper to find out what was inside. or go to a newspaper reader, who would read it to people who could not read. However, looking at the price, seven pence, of which 4d was tax, perhaps you could pretend not to read to avoid the tax. 

An article on Shepton Mallet Turnpike, I must return to read that, and perhaps add it to my Turnpike series.

Another marriage, but this time between Jane's parents.

Marriage Thomas Adams and Sarah Meddick Luxborough

Banns of Marriage between Thomas Adams and Sarah Meddick both of this Parish of Luxborough were published on April the 5th 12th 19th 1812 G. Nibbs.

No. 130 Thomas Adams of this Parish of Luxborough, Bachelor and Sarah Meddich of this Parish of Luxborough, Spinster were Married in this Church by Banns this twentysecond Day of April in the Year One Thousand eight Hundred and twelve by me George Nibbs, Minster.

This Marriage was solemnized between Us Thomas Adams -- The mark x of Sarah Meddich

In the Presence of Samuel Palmer -- John Webber



John Biddlecombe Aplin 1835

Baptised John Biddlecombe Aplin 22 May 1836

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Charmouth in the county of Dorset in the Year 1836.

May 22nd John Biddlecombe Son of Samuel & Jane Aplin. Abode Charmouth, Profession, Draper, performed by James.

A middle name of Biddlecombe helps conformation of this record.


Mary Jane Aplin 1837

Baptised Mary Jane Aplin 10 Dec 1837 Old Cleave

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Old Cleeve in the county of Somerset in the Year 1837.

1837 10 December Mary Jane daughter of Samuel & Jane Aplin. Abode Billbrook, Profession, Draper, performed by Wm Newton.

From a page turn to the end of the register in 1843, a quick scan, there appears to be no other baptisms for Samuel and Jane.

Perhaps they moved away from the parish of Old Cleeve, near Watchet, Dunster and Minehead on the North Somerset coast. 


Sarah Jessie Aplin 1846


Josey T Aplin 1847



Samuel Adams Aplin 1849 and Rosa Emma Aplin 1851

Baptised Samuel Adams Aplin Old Cleeve 20 Feb 1851

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Old Cleeve in the county of Somerset in the Year 1851.

20th Feby 1851 Born in {----} 1849 Samuel Adams Son of Samuel & Jane Aplin. Abode Billbrook, Profession, Assistant in a shop, performed by John Henry Kirwan, Curate

July 20 1851 Rosa Emma daughter of Samuel & Jane Aplin. Abode Billbrook, Profession, Assistant in a shop, performed by John Henry Kirwan, Curate


 There appears to have been a gap of about eight years between successive births. Samuel Aplin has changed profession in that period from Draper to Assistant in a shop, which seems on the face of it, regressive.

From other information both Josey T and Samuel Adams were born in  Ipswich Suffolk. Perhaps Samuel was baptised when they came back to be with the family. 


Thomas Joseph Aplin 1853


Fredrick Robert Alpin 1856



1841 Census


1851 Census


Census 1851 Old Cleese Thomas Adams

Extract from Ancestry of 1851 Census  Bilbrook, Old Cleeve, Somerset, England
House NumberGiven NameSurnameRelationshipAgeEstimated Birth YearGenderBirth Place
78 Thomas Adams Head 61 1790 Male Exton, Somerset, England
78 Sarah Adams Wife 59 1792 Female Luxborough, Somerset, England
78 Jane Aplin Daughter 37 1814 Female Luxborough, Somerset, England
78 John Aplin Grandson 15  1836  Male Charmoth, Dorset, England 
78 Mary Jane Aplin Granddaughter 13  1838  Female Old Cleeve, Somerset, England 
78 Jessey Aplin Granddaughter  4 1847  Female Ipswich, Suffolk, England 
78 Samuel Aplin Grandson 1849  Male  Ipswich, Suffolk, England 
78 Rosa Aplin Granddaughter  5 Mo 1851  Female  Old Cleeve, Somerset, England 
78 Thomas R Cridland  Visitor  4  1847  Male Taunton, Somerset, England

 On the day of the 1851 Census Jane Aplin nee Adams is back with her parents. The children are there as Thomas and Sarah's grandchildren, but Samuel Aplin is missing from this list. Therefore there is a Samuel Aplin somewhere else on a Census return. Recognising him will be made all the more difficult as he is on his own, not with a selection of known naems.










Timeline of recorded events - The family of Samuel and Jane Aplin nee Adams  - 1800 to 2020s
Name PlaceEventSource AgeDate18
Samuel Aplin Thorncombe, Devon Birth Ancestry Trees Abt 1813                                            
Samuel Aplin   Baptism                                                    
Jane Adams Luxborough, Somerset Birth   1813                                               
Jane Adams  Luxborough, Somerset Baptism    0 21 Aug 1813                                               
Samuel Aplin Winsham, Somerset Marriage  Record   21 Jul 1834                                             
 Jane Adams  Williton, Somerset Marriage  Record   21 Jul 1834                                             
 John Biddlecombe Aplin   Birth                                                     
 John Biddlecombe Aplin Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset  Baptism Record    22 May 1836                                             
 Mary Jane Aplin Old Cleeve, Somerset   Baptism Record    10 Dec 1837                                             
 --- GAP  ---                                                        


For a register of Wills that may potentially be included in this series and some hints about Wills, go to my 'Last will and testament article', which opens in a new window. 





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