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James Aplin 1802-1872


James Aplin yeoman 1802-1872

B:1802 Thorncombe, Devon, England

D:08 Jun 1872 Thorncombe, Devon, England



James Aplin of Forde Abbey is the subject of the Location called Forde Abbey Farm in this article.

Census 1851 James Aplin Forde Abbey Farm Thorncombe

James Alpin is recorded as being at Forde Abbey Farm on the day of the Census 30th March 1851. An aside. When the 1851 census was taken on 30 March total population was recorded as 17,922,768.

James Alpin was the Head of the Household and he was 47 years of age. His occupation is stated as Farming 350 Acres employing 16 agricultural labourers. The 350 acres stated here is larger that the 313 stated in the Tithe Apportionment for his plots under Forde Abbey Farm, but it is over a decade later, so is not incongruous. He is recorded as being born in Dorset, in the Parish of Thorncombe, (was in Devon until 1844).

His wife is named as Sarah, aged 43, also born in Thorncombe. Her calculated year of birth was 1808, with James being 1804.

All the children are also born in Thorncombe and are unmarried.

Joseph Aplin, Son aged 21 giving a calculated birth year of 1830, Male. He is also employed on the Forde Abbey Farm

Samuel Aplin, Son aged 7 giving a calculated birth year of 1844, Male

Haney Lucy Aplin, Daughter aged 5 giving a calculated birth year of 1846, Female

Sarah Aplin, Daughter aged 3 giving a calculated birth year of 1848, Female

Louisa Aplin, Daughter aged 1 giving a calculated birth year of 1849, Female

Also shown on the 1851 Census is;

Maryann Barlett, Servant aged 20 giving a calculated birth year of 1831, Female Recorded as born in Burstock, Dorset, England


There is a gap in children between 1830 and 1844, which could be for several reasons, but is probably because they have moved away from home.


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