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Mercy Nash Eldridge b. 1820

Mercy Nash Eldridge

Baptised Mercy Nash Eldridge 25 Dec 1820Mercy Nash was baptised on what looks like, from the record, 25th December 1820, and annotated xmas day.

The abode was Cemmas, possibly now Cemaes, in the parish of Llanbadrig, Anglesey, Wales. Camaes is described as a port and Mary's father is recorded as a Mariner. Mariner does not exclude Custom House Officer, but is perhaps more general.

This record was found by flicking through the images of the Parish Book in The Genealogist. However, this is a different book to that previously found with Mary Nash Eldridge.  The record number is the same at No. 155. The ceremony was preformed by John Ellis, Vicar, in both cases.

The two full entries above, and the one beneath are as in the other book. This book does have an inserted baptism on Sunday 17 December of William, son of John Hughes.

I think perhaps that the first book was images from the Bishops Transcript and the second book of images, with a left and right hand page, together with printed item or entry numbers, is the actual Parish Record. See Elizabeth Sarah to compare the two books.

At least this entry explains why some trees on Ancestry have an additional person, in the form of Mercy.


However, I consider that Mercy Nash Eldridge and Mary Nash Eldridge are one in the same person. 


Thereby, this entry is discontinued in favour of Mary Nash Eldridge below. 


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