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How I make use of Tithe Apportionment and Maps


How I make use of Tithe Apportionment and Maps

This is both sharing with you the reader and helping me with some notes regarding the process for Tithe Apportionment articles, dataset, and ESRI Story Maps.

This hopes to provide a useful and consistent layout and content, which I suspect would be most beneficial in the collection of Tithe Apportionment articles.

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Below are some of the frequently used sources in both my Family Tree Research and within this website.

They are generally links to sources of data or information with a short description. I have not tried to rank the sites, nor do I have any control over the content, unless it is a link to one of my sites.

This list is not intended to cover all of the links in this website nor does it reference the position of the links.

It is intended as an aid to your research.

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